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From March to September of the 2020 pandemic, according to the report of the Malaysian Companies Commission, a total of 32,469 companies closed their business. But 82,555 new companies were registered. What does this gap of 5️⃣ million prove? That is the outbreak of the pandemic. It did not prevent Malaysians from entering the business field. Instead, it eliminated companies or enterprises that are unable to adapt to the normal situation of the pandemic.

But this does not mean that there is no capital in the market, but the capital has poured into potential and courage among new companies. Despite this, Wan Junaidi, Minister of Enterprise Development and Cooperatives, also admitted that the impact of the pandemic and the movement control order on enterprises is very serious and unprecedented. Therefore, he also urged small and medium-sized enterprises, which account for 98.5% of Malaysian business organizations, to try their best to find them. Opportunities in adversity 🔎, so as not to be eliminated. Of course, among these, corporate finance is the top priority ☝️☝️ Leave a message below, let Magnificent Advisory communicate with everyone about the corporate operating funds!