A Boutique Corporate Financial Advisory Firm

We are a boutique corporate financial advisory firm with strong collaboration and partnership with both China and Hong Kong based venture capital, Triumphant Capital Limited. We are well connected to worldwide angel investors; high net worth individual; cornerstone investors; venture capitalists, private equities, family offices and international broking houses.

We are having the presence in China, Malaysia, Singapore, United States and Australia. Our subversive and innovative corporate solution specially tailors to cater high growth SMI & SME with totality and full range of capital navigator corporate financial solutions.

Connecting More Than 500 Partners

With the strong collaboration and strategic partnership developed over the years, we are connecting to more than 500 global sponsors, nominated advisors, merchant bankers, reporting accountants, legal counsels, internal control consultants, underwriters, placement agents, markets makers and insurance companies.

Our principal has full authorized investment license from Switzerland that professionally caters for asset allocation management, portfolio investment, wealth planning and corporate advisory. Our partnership with the global team had successfully transformed more than 100 SMI & SME to achieve greater height  via the listing in global approved and recognized stock exchange.

Tailored-made Integrated Corporate IPO Incubator Solution

Our “Capital Navigator Compass” is a tailored made integrated corporate IPO incubator solution.These proven and undisputed incubator formulae have succeeded in transforming more than 100 SMI & SME successfully listed in the global approved stock exchange or merger and acquisition.

Throughout the transformation period in within 24 months to 48 months, we shall transform your business to a subversive Exit Strategy for both promoters and investors via IPO or merger and acquisition.