Bursa Marketplace: The Great Place to Invest

Established in 1964, Bursa Malaysia is the supreme palace for every listed company and investor. Anyone who wants to invest in the Malaysian stock market must go through their review and approval ☑️; investors must obediently pay commissions to them for every transaction in the stock market.

At the same time, Bursa Malaysia is not limited by the market and continues to cooperate with global exchanges, including the establishment of a partnership with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2009, and Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Philippines in 2011. Singapore and Thailand jointly launched the ASEAN Stock Exchange to strengthen the ASEAN capital market. In 2017, it also launched ASEAN’s first Outstanding Entrepreneur Accelerator Board (LEAP) to give small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to raise capital on the exchange. This shows that Bursa Malaysia’s very aggressive attitude has greatly benefited all companies listed on Bursa Malaysia 👍👍